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TriviaTrek at your venue
TriviaTrek at your venue

Clubs and Hotels

A great way to save/make money is to run your own trivia comp.

All our trivia presentations are designed and built to be simple to present.

Download your chosen trivia package from our website then let it do most of the work for you. Just announce the text on each slide from start to finish, it's as easy as that.

Your provided with all the trivia tools you need with each package.

Don't forget, our packages start from as low as $25.85.

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Trivia hosts wanted
Trivia hosts wanted

Trivia Hosts Australia Wide

You can earn great money as a trivia host.

All you need to do is, arrange with a club or hotel in your area to have a trivia night, download a trivia package that suits your requirements from our site, and away you go.

You may use our prices here on the site as a guide for how much you should charge to remain competitive.

Our trivia packages have everything you will need.

You can promote your new enterprise under your own banner and make a lucrative business from it, but, whatever you choose to do, make extra money or make it a new business venture, support is always available free to our clients, venues and freelance hosts at CJC Entertainments.

Phone us.

Work with CJC Entertainments
Work with CJC Entertainments

Hosts, DJ's, MC's

If you would like to work with CJC Entertainments in this revolutionary dynamic method devised by us, then submit your information at our Performer Details Form.


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