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Our trivia side of the business, TriviaTrek, has proven to save venues money by offering high quality presentations at the lowest possible prices.

From a simple to read list of questions and answers in a PDF, to our full dynamic presentations which include audio and video for the big screen. Which ever you choose, we have you covered, with our fun and fully featured trivia presentations.

Players can interact with the TriviaTrek Facebook page or here on our website page each Monday to Sunday to see in advance, 8 out of the 10 questions in the 'Wipe Out' round to give themselves an edge and win the bonus points at your venue.

Your trivia event would be promoted on the TriviaTrek Facebook page to assist getting the word out.

Our prices start at a low $25.85 for the Basic PDF package and  progress to more fully featured presentations, we can also offer hosted presentations which include a Full Presentation professionally hosted* by one of our happy hosts, complete with P.A. equipment.

*subject to the availability of hosts in your area.

Go to our Trivia Products page.

Weekly 'WipeOut' questions at your venue

The weekly 'WipeOut' questions can be viewed at our website: http://www.cjcentertainments.xyz or at our Facebook page: facebook.com/triviatrek.australia

For 5 BONUS points, here are the first 8 questions for the 'WipeOut Round', week starting Mondays at your TriviaTrek venue.

Research the answers and enhance your chances of winning.

Don't forget to 'Like' our page on Facebook or Bookmark our website so you don't miss any of the questions we give you.


1. On December 31st 2000 and January 1st of 2001, a world record was set in China when Ye Jiangchuan did this with 1004 people in 28 hours. Did what?

2. In which year did Wimpey open the first burger restaurant in Britain?

3. What were the christian (first) names of the "Blues Brothers"?

4. Which motorcycle company makes the Road King FLHR?

5. What is the name of Derek Trotter's local pub?

6. In September 2003, 'Fathers 4 Justice' campaigner Jason Hatch caused an embarrassing security breach at Buckingham Palace dressed as who?

7. Who painted "The Laughing Cavalier"?

8. What colour are the vertical stripes of the Italian Flag?


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