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Payment Advice

If you are returning from making a payment, we thank you, if not, you may like to read through the important information on this page.

Rest Assured

After each and every payment this is what will happen.

You will recieve one or a combination of these.........


'Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you'.


You will always receive confirmation of your payment and a receipt.



If you paid for a trivia product (not the Hosted Show), you will recieve an email which will contain your username and password for the 'Clients Only' area where you can download your product.


If you took advantage of our Entertainment discount, you will recieve another email with an invoice/receipt for the balance owing to be paid in cash at the event.


Be Secure

CJC Entertainments recommend you visit this link for safe online payment advice: Safety

You control the flow, order and pay only when you want it!

One off payments only - You'll never be locked into a recurring payment subscription - All payments processed and secured by PayPal, CBA and Square


Your deposit is 100% refundable provided you give us atleast 5 days (120 hours) cancellation notice. After this time it will become a non-refundable booking fee.


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