Our Mission

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Our mission statement will continually evolve as we strive to give the best service possible. For this reason it will be in the format of a journal.

The most recent post will be at the top.


We are always striving to offer a friendly and professional service to venues and performers. A place for venues to browse talent and for performers to promote themselves.


We will always endeavor to present our website and services in a concise, user friendly manner.


Our aim is to build business relationships with performers, venues and other clients, which will be mutually beneficial.


We want performers, venues, and other clients to have a pleasant, hassle free experience, from our website to the perfomance product booked, through to our financial payment process.


We believe efficiency and simplicity are the main two keys.

As far as possible our service will be automated for speed and for the convenience of our clients, however at the same time we offer various forms of contact because we know that sometimes you will need or choose to talk to us person to person. If you require the 'good old fashioned' customer service where you can talk to us (a company representative within Australia), we make sure that you, our valued clients have that option.



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