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Media/Miscellaneous Payment

A great way to do business!
A great way to do business!

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Miscellaneous Payment

Here you can make a miscellaneous payment that you have pre-arranged with us. These payments will attract a 3% administration fee.


1. Enter your email address, then your name or venues name, then click/touch the Add to Cart button.

2. At the 'order summary' page, enter the dollar amount you are paying in the 'Quantity' box. The administration fee of 3% will be added automatically.

3. That's it! either click/touch 'Continue Shopping' or choose to pay with PayPal or Check Out with a credit or debit card (pay without a PayPal account).

Alternatively, you may Contact Us to make a manual remittance by bank or phone payment.

For peace of mind, please view our online Payment Advice.

You control the flow, order and pay only when you want it!

One off payments only - You'll never be locked into a recurring payment subscription - All payments processed and secured by PayPal and CBA


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