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Code Of Conduct

1. The  objectives  of  this  code  of  conduct  are: (a)  to set  out  the  principles,  values  and behaviour  expected  of  performer representatives,  and (b)  to promote and  encourage a  high standard  of  ethical  practice by  performer representatives  and  their  employees in their  dealings with performers, entertainment  industry  hirers and other  performer  representatives, and (c)  to promote efficient  and  transparent  transactions within  the  entertainment industry, and (d)  to ensure that  performer  representatives  act  honestly, fairly  and professionally in the  best  interests of  their  clients.

2. Conduct of  performer  representatives (1)  A  performer  representative must  carry  out  the functions of  a  performer  representative with  the degree  of  care, diligence and honesty  that  a reasonable  person would exercise as  a performer  representative carrying  out  the  same functions in  the  same circumstances. (2)  A  performer  representative must  not  act  or  purport  to act  on behalf  of  a performer without  the authority  of  the  performer. (3)  A  performer  representative  must, in representing  a  performer, act  in accordance with the  instructions  of  the performer  unless  doing  so would  be a  breach of  any  law or  this code  of  conduct. (4)  A  performer  representative must  not  enter  into an agreement  to represent  a  performer if  the  representative is aware of  any  conflict  of  interest,  or  apparent  conflict  of interest, between  the  interests of  the representative and  the performer, unless the performer  representative has: (a)  notified  the  performer  of  that  fact, and (b)  disclosed  the  full  nature  and extent  of  the conflict  of  interest. (5)  As  soon  as  practicable after  a performer  representative becomes  aware of  any conflict  of  interest, or  apparent  conflict  of  interest,  that  has  arisen between the interests  of  the  representative and a performer  represented by  the representative, the representative: (a)  must  notify  the performer  of  that  fact, and disclose  the  full  nature and extent of  the conflict  of  interest, and (b)  must  not  continue  to  represent  the performer  unless  the performer  consents  to continued  representation  by  the  representative. (6)  A  performer  representative must  not  refer  a performer  to any  other  performer representative or  service  provider  if  the  representative  making  the referral  receives any  financial  benefit  or  reward from  the referral  unless  the  representative first discloses  to the performer  the full  nature  and extent  of  the  reward or  benefit. (7)  A  performer  representative must  not, at  any  time,  use  or  disclose  any  confidential information obtained while  acting  for  or  on  behalf  of  a  performer  unless: (a)  the  client  authorises  the  disclosure,  or (b) the representative is required or compelled by law to disclose the information. (8)  A  performer  representative must  use  the representative’s best  endeavours to ensure that  employees of  the  representative: (a)  comply  with this Act  and the  regulations, and (b)  this code. (9)  A  performer  representative must  not  knowingly  or  recklessly  make a  false  or misleading  representation about  the obligations, rights  or  responsibilities of  any person under  this Act  or  the  regulations. 

3. Other  legal  obligations  of  performer  representatives. This Act  and  the regulations impose  additional  obligations on performer representatives,  including: (a)  the keeping  of  records of  money  received on behalf  of  performers (see section  7),  and (b)  complying  with requests for  information from  performers (see  section  14),  and (c)  providing  performers with certain  information relating  to the Act,  the regulations and  the  entertainment  industry  generally  (see  section 13), and (d)  if  a performer  representative proposes  to enter  into  an entertainment  industry agreement  with  a child, providing  the parents of  the child with  the  information, if  any, required  by  the  regulations  relating  to the employment  of  minors  (see section  13).

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